Meet Christina

Christina Esdon is a hopeless romantic and dreamer extraordinaire. She loves to see the world through rose-colored glasses (literally) and has the uncanny ability to find humor and joy in the small things in life.

When not writing, she can be found frolicking along the shores of Lake Huron, taking notoriously long bubble baths, and other things becoming of a mermaid. She also likes to tackle home renovations all by herself. This ultimately results in lengthy (and expensive) repairs by someone in the know (aka not Christina). Her overexuberance in a certain bathroom repair resulted in living without a toilet for two days and shall forever be known as “The Great Toilet-less Thanksgiving of 2007”. Though, she maintains that was not her fault.

Christina Esdon is a pen name. But all the stuff above is true. Especially the lack of a toilet half an hour before serving up Thanksgiving dinner. Buy her a peanut butter cookie sometime and she’ll tell you all about it.

bio about Christina Esdon romance author

Me. After loads of make-up and hours of hair perfecting. And lights. And hiding half my face. It’s my favorite picture of me to date. :)